The Methodist tradition emphasizes discipleship. This process of learning encourages us to be followers and students of Christ. We do this by being accountable to growing personally and in community through participating in Growth Groups, reading daily devotionals, studying Christian books and the Bible, and ongoing prayer.

What are Growth Groups? 

Growth Groups at Sugar River allow us to build Christ centered relationships with God and others so we may challenge ourselves and deepen our faith.


How often and Where do they meet? 

Structured Growth Groups meet for 6-7 weeks in the fall and during Lent. These Growth Groups meet once a week at church, in people’s homes or in community settings such as coffee shops. Some Growth Groups meet throughout the year between these structured sessions.  Between organized sessions, curriculum opportunities are provided if group would like to continue meeting.

What happens at a Growth Group?  

Growth Groups are a place to deepen one’s faith by sharing life experiences with others and learning more about God’s Word. Participants listen, laugh, cry, and question. Each structured session follows the sermon series and is typically accompanied by a book, video, and discussion guide.

How will I find a Growth Group that is right for me?  

Growth Group ministry leaders will help you find the group that is best for you. Contact the office for details!